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New initiative uses extended reality to boost conflict reporting,
Using a combination of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) — both of which fall under the umbrella of “extended reality,” or XR — this June we launched Frontline in Focus XR. A recipient of the Google News Initiative’s Middle East, Turkey and Africa Innovation Challenge last year, Frontline in Focus XR uses 360° video to transport journalists from around the world to war zones...

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A Syrian Story: A documentary By Frontline In Focus & Save The Children

The 10th year anniversary is a reminder that Syrians and children in specific have been suffering for 10 years. This documentary following a generation of children who have grown up knowing only...

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The most beautiful women are the mothers living in refugee camps

The beautiful women are the mothers living in Syrian refugee camps; the displaced mothers who are striving to care for their children amid endless fears. They are the ones who get up early in the...

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“Frontline in Focus” receive GNI Innovation Challenge

Twenty-two projects taking part in the Innovation Challenges launched by Google News Initiative in the Middle East, Africa, and Turkey were selected out of 329 initiatives. Google News Initiative...

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Bathing is a “luxury”!

Here in the northwestern Syrian, makeshift camps are lined up amid the fields or on the hillsides where you have to forget about the protective measures recommended by the World Health Organization...

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Oil community in the North Syria, everything is temporary except for the constant danger

A flame of fire appears on the far horizon. The closer I get to the hill the more flames that appear from among the trees with accompanying black smoke. It is the hill of burners as Syrians like...

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Faces Portraits‎

Why do you wear this facemask? We asked a group of children in a camp in northern Syria about the reason for wearing masks. To read the full article, please contact us through email:...

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