In Syria, they sleep on monumental tombs

Washing lines stretched with their exotic colors give a strange look to the monumental stones in Serjilla that one day would attract tourists from all corners of the world. 

Kids are running and playing among the archaeological caves in spite of the obvious signs of misery that appear on them, as they are barefoot and semi-naked.

An older woman is cooking outdoors in a bowl as old as the wrinkles of her face as she struggles her old age and fatigue.

The archaeological caves and monumental tombs of Serjilla, an ancient city in Jabal Al-Zawiya region, southwest of the city of Idlib, which witnessed wars and earthquakes in the Roman and Byzantine periods, have now turned into a shelter for the Syrians displaced from the villages of Idlib countryside after their houses have been destroyed by the shelling. Most of them come from the village of Kafrouma near the archaeological village of Serjilla.

The stones of this archaeological area, which withstood the fiercest battles in history, were a reason for Umm Mohammed’s reassurance after she and her seven grandchildren were displaced to one of these caves.

She is confident that the shelling will not affect her and her grandchildren, especially that barrel bombs had caused the loss of two young men of her children to become the only person responsible for bringing up and protecting their children.

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